Links for thought 11

Haven’t done this series in a while so here we go:

1) Jin Liqun: From the lines of Lord Byron to AIIB’s corridors of power

A Devex article on Jin Liqun,the first leader of the recently created, non-Western dominated, non-neoliberal (hopefully!), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

2) DFAT’s International Development Minister

Although the old independent AuSAiD was merged with Australia’s Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), there wasn’t a specific minister for international development under Tony Abbott. Now with Malcolm Turnbull in charge, there’s a minister for international development and the Pacific, namely Steve Ciobo.

3) SDG celebration over, now the hard part begins

So instead of examining what went right and wrong with the Millennium Development Goals, the “world community” formed an even more complex set of goals called the Sustainable Development Goals. Everyone from the media-picked Malala to world leaders have welcomed it. Well, the fun is over. Implement them–if you can.

4) Are Mobility and Fragility Here to Stay?

Phil Vernon writes on mobility or rather migration and fragility, that is, unstable regions or countries.

5) Ha-Joon Chang mentioned

Not exactly a development-related article, but my old and great professor, Ha-Joon Chang is featured in this Telegraph article on the 11 types of professors you’ll meet in university.

6) 2030s and development then

The Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) or German Development Institute has a series on note worthy articles on the SDGs and the world out to 2030

7) Does Africa still need the UN?

Nice BBC article on Africa and why the UN matters there.

8) CSSF bidding

Or rather, the constant news on what the UK’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) is and nowit isan improvement over the old Conflict (prevention) pool.

9) Come on Senate confirm someone for USAID

With the talk of the SDGS, it is still amazing that up to now (October 2015), the US Senate has not confirmed anyone, or rather, Gayle Smith to be the next head of USAID. This key US aid department has still an acting administrator in charge.

10) Economy, Climate, no longer neoliberal in framework?

You be the judge in this speech by Christine Lagarde.

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