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I  have a PhD in International Political  Economy and have graduated from Cambridge with a Master of Philosophy in Development Studies and have a Joint Honours Degree in Economics and Political Science. My interests in International Development are specifically on foreign aid, aid effectiveness and governance, international trade, agricultural trade and poverty. For IPE, I’m interested in International Organisations (IOs), Constructivism, Principal Agent Theory, international trade negotiations, norms and ideas in international development.

NB:All posts written are in my personal capacity and DO NOT reflect the official views of the University of Cambridge or any organisation of group that I am associated with in real life.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at: ipeanddevelopment [at] gmail.com.

Further note: The links to Global Politics Magazine are broken because that was the old Global Politics Magazine, initially run by great editors ,including me. Now some cranky old idiotic editor named Miles has taken over.


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