About this site

The title says it all: It’s all about International Political Economy (IPE) and (International) Development. Why combine the two together you may ask? Both are largely intertwined with each other: development features in many issues of IPE while IPE complements the answer of some of the questions in international development. See the sections “What is IPE? ” and “What is International Development” for more details.

Some Notes (not exactly FAQs):

1) I don’t regularly update this site. Everyone has his/her own schedule. Yes, there are some development and IPE bloggers like Duncan Green who do not miss a single weekday without a blog post. Unfortunately, I am not like them.

2) There are occasionally (hopefully not often) spelling and grammar mistakes in my posts. Do inform me via comments or email me about them.

3) World lengths of course are not the issue; it’s the content that matters.

4) I do encourage people to comment of each post but after a while the comments will be locked. I don’t believe in censoring comments unless they are irrelevant or offensive.

5) Links: will change as I discover more blog sites(there are of course thousands but not all relate to IPE and/or development). Do inform me if you know of any interesting site.

6) The pictures. By no means do I wholeheartedly endorse what they show–the forums and the protests.

NB:All posts written are in my personal capacity and DO NOT reflect the official views of the University of Birmingham, the Department of Political Science, Sociology and International Studies the University of Cambridge, the Global Politics Magazine  or any organisation of group that I am or was associated with.


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