Every child in the developing world is a Malala

NB: Before you start flaming me and criticising me for this post, think through before you comment.

So across the last few years, Malala Yousafzai has been seen by many in the development community as the golden child of development. People such as Gordon Brown, Ban Ki-Moon and the Clintons have praised her courage (after being shot in the head by the Taliban) and her activism. She is the shining example against tyranny, terrorism, the child of development, blah, blah, blah…

What about those children who face violence, assault, or pain everyday? What about children who can’t even reach half of Malala’s age? What about those handicapped or maimed for life children and adults who can’t get the sort of recovery/treatment that Malaala received in Birmingham? Or that sort of upbringing or education? They might have also have campaigned for children’s education, education in general, human rights, girl’s rights etc etc. But they weren’t as “lucky” as Malala to get the treatment, the recognition, the fame, the acknowledgement.

I recognise activism and courage. But I don’t get why one girl should be fawned upon.

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