Re-post from The Broker: “We’ll always have Paris…”

So yes, this site does have a contact function. Under About the Author, there’s my email on the last line. Anyone can email me if they want to further discuss a post, disagree with my comments, correct my sentences or simply say I shouldn’t be writing this subject–which I don’t expect people to.

That email address is rarely checked. Fortunately or unfortunately, for me, I check it last Tuesday, the 18th of October 2011 and saw an email from a certain editor (or so) of a certain magazine called “The Broker”. Basically, he was inviting me to write an article on the upcomingFourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness at Busan. He, a Mr. Denis Burke, specifically said the question would be, “How can the development agenda be expanded to include broader international concerns including, for instance, security, migration and climate policies? And is Busan the right place to do it?” but what struck me was that the email was dated 12th October 2011 and he specified the dateline as the next day, 19th October 2011.

Let me state her that while my interests rest deeply in foreign aid/Official Development Assistance (ODA), my knowledge of aid effectiveness is very superficial,; most of it stems from reading news and web sites, articles and talking to my friends from Cambridge and elsewhere who have worked in those areas. However, Mr. Burke said the article need not be too long (about 500 to 1000 words). After much contemplating on whether I should write an article that was not really my forte, this was the end result, submitted 2 hours before midnight on the 18th/19th of October.

Yes, it’s a tongue-in-cheek article and can definitely be improved upon. That is your tasks dear readers. Please feel free to add comments and suggestions and criticisms on the article itself–not on this post but on “The Broker” website itself.


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