Links for Thought 12

1) The Real Hamilton: What’s Not to Love?

A Bloomberg article that talks about Alexander Hamilton, one of the very early US Treasury Secretaries, and how his ideas to grow the US economy then wouldn’t be accepted by the mainstream economists and politicians today. It quotes what my Cambridge Professor, Ha-Joon Chang said about government intervention in the US then.

2) What is new about the BRICS-led New Development Bank?

An article on the Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) Development Bank. Nice to have another non-Washington Consensus-centred Multilateral Development Bank (MDB), but how “new” will the development ideas be?

3) Against Corruption: a collection of essays

Ah, the Anti-Corruption Summit held in London and chaired by the Conservative government has ended. The link i s a collection of articles by academics and world leaders on corruption, but in the neoliberal, new institutional economics version of corruption. The articles while pretty ok, fail to consider that some kinds of corruption do not inhibit ecobnomic growth and that anti-corruption methods have failed or reduced growth. The articles fail to include the works on institutional economists like Ha-Joon Chang or Mushtaq Khan.

4) The Central African Republic must be built from scratch

A Guardian Development article talking about the effects of conflict in the Central African Republic.

5) An age of choice
for developmentfinance

This Overseas Development Institute (ODI) report looks at the multitude of channels for development finance using case studies.

6) Offshore centres hit at US financial transparency ‘hypocrisy’

You also aren’t transparent, or in a known phrase, pot calling the kettle black. Ok, everyone hides their financial assets. How then to realy clamp down on “offshore” (or inshore then)?

7) New development thinking: rising powers and the role of business

An Institute of Development Studies (IDS) article on the role that Indian and Chinese businesses play in development.

8) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to cooperate with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

If you are partnering with an established but slightly neoliberal regional development bank (RDB), then where is the “new” development ideas?

9) Unsustainable Development Goals?

Ngaire Woods writes about the enormous challenge of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I very much agree.

10) Closing Developing Countries’ Capital Drain

I know it’s an article from February, but Joseph Stiglitz always nails it, this time on capital drain.

New article coming soon (hopefully).

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