She’s Greening back in her department

After hours or several days, David Cameron re-appoints Justine Greening as Secretary of State for International Development. The long wait is probably due to him trying to think if he should place DFID back under the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or possibly to appease his extreme right wing Conservatives a bit–it’s no secret they hate the name DFID and even more detest the rigid and outdated 0.7% of GDP/GNI aid target.

Oh well, at least there’s continuity. Greening can continue, not in any particular order, he drive to:

1) Help create a global post-2015 set of Global/Sustainable Development Goals,

2) Launch another Multilateral (and possibly Bilateral) aid review (and her the sound bites from Mary Creagh),

3) Pour more Official Development Assistance into trust funds/”non-core” aid (yucks and yay),

4) Increase the role of the private sector in DFID’s programmes (and attach a we bit of neoliberalism with it),

5) End aid to India (as promised) and possibly to more “IDA-graduating” countries (same as point 2),

6) Place more focus on fragile/conflict/weak states (that would make aid as a tool for national security, will that break the OECD and DFID rules?),

7) Reduce aid to the EU (her colleague Philip Hammond would want that),

8) Work with China on the Asian Infrastructure Development Bank (AIIB),

9) Continue to plan out future International Development Association (IDA) replenishment (link to point 2),

10) and many others.

Any other thoughts?

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