Some people still don’t get the AIIB or…

they are dumb neoliberals or just dumb.

Take is crappy forum page article for instance by a certain Mr. Teo (Singaporean or someone from Singapore).

IT IS regrettable that the United States and Japan have not joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) because they are afraid that China has the intention and clout to shape the new world order (“Banking on infrastructure of the future”; April 20, “S-E Asia and the shaping of China’s new world bank”; last Thursday, and “China-led bank ‘to fill funding gap, but hurdles remain'”; yesterday).

First writer, you don’t start off with a clear argument why it is regretable that the US and Japan don’t want to join. Then you write some supposedly omninous statement–“the new world order” as if the AIIB is about a black government. Are you saying China is a “black government” ready to take over the planet” with the AIIB?

This has indirectly cast a shadow on the structure and administration of the AIIB.

What an idiotic line First you say it is regrettable due to the threat of a new world order. But is it to you or is it “indirectly”? Make up your mind!

The US worries about whether the AIIB will weaken the governance, operations and efficiency of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

One, is the World Bank and IMF really efficient? I what sense? Helping to advance development? Evidence? And how do you know the true mind of the US?

It is also concerned about the AIIB’s governance standards and China’s environmental and social complications.

However, these fears have yet to be proven true.

This is call shooting-yourself-in-the-foot. Say it in one word!

China, as the initiator of the AIIB, needs to clearly put on the table the core framework and detailed plans of the AIIB development programmes.

What? You think the creation of an international orgainsation is like a magic trick? How about you read about the creation of the International Development Association (IDA) if you even know what that is?

It also has to identify and lay down how it is going to fairly and transparently distribute its capital and development funding, to allay the worries and suspicions of all the founding members.

Ahem, 57 nations have signed up. How many of them have “worries and suspicions” whne you started off with two countries who declined to join?

China has a long journey ahead and a lot of hard work to do.

Idiotic since it is uncessary.

The mark of the AIIB’s success is whether China can convince all the founding members to cooperate, work and contribute seamlessly and assiduously towards the principal objectives of the AIIB, and thereafter, share the fruits of the harvest.

Wait, do you even know why the AIIB was proposed in the first place? Or are you some dumb neoliberal?

Asean should persist in its longstanding policy of neutrality, non-alliance and non-interference (“AIIB may ‘speed up Asean plans for fully unified economic bloc'”; yesterday).

Irrelevant–see below.

It should not get involved in the hegemony and tussle of the superpowers.

Why? Who are you to say that?

Most importantly, Asean should focus on the core priority of economic development, especially infrastructure development.

Why? And besides, ASEAN has that objective in mind since its beginning. But it can’t exactly reach that, due to the political and cultural differences of each member state.

Nevertheless, I hope Singapore, with its good track record, expertise and experience, can play an active role in setting up the AIIB.

It can help to bridge the cultural differences and communication gap between China and the Western member countries.

Perhaps the regional headquarters of the AIIB could even be based in Singapore.

Wait, this is really weird. You start off with moaning the US and Japan for not joining the AIIB, cause that might be a way to a “black government”. Then, you attack China for not detailing the AIIB’s details, when in democratically accountable IOs, it is not just one state to detail the Articles of Agreement (if you know what that is!). Then you jump to talk about ASEAN with no logical flow. You abruptly then say that the AIIB should be based in Singapore with no logical argument, with a one liner about brining the gap?!!!

Please please, some one write a logical forum letter on the AIIB next time…

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