The World Bank: how is it doing?

Very detailed article on the World Bank Group at present.


Last week I spent some time in Washington D.C., on the fringes of the World Bank/IMF autumn meetings. I was discussing International Alert’s recommendations for making the next round of the Bank’s International Development Association (IDA 17) funding as effective as possible in the fragile and conflict-affected countries which make up an increasing proportion of the IDA caseload. From what cab drivers told me, the autumn meeting came at an opportune time, since the impasse over the US federal budget has limited tourism and official travel considerably, hence is having an impact on their incomes. Given many D.C. cab drivers are originally from places like Pakistan, Ethiopia and Somalia and frequently send money there, this will be having an impact on the livelihoods of their relatives back home.

But the Bank is also supposed to have an impact on poverty and development in more direct ways, and for years there have been voices saying it…

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