Queen’s speech 2013: The 0.7% worry, no fuss

An extremely short blog post. Based on a…tweet!

Ivan Lewis ‏@IvanLewis_MP
Leaving 0.7 bill out of Queens speech shows Camerons weakness + lurch to right. + yet another eg of @nick_clegg’s impotence.#brokenpromise

Again, I’ve no political affiliation. Nevertheless, I wonder what’s the great fuss over this: Clearly, I and many others such as Phil Vernon and even the House of Lords have noted that 0.7% is not a silver bullet towards development. It is a “champagne-popping” means for donors and a “what-are-we-getting” outcome for aid recipients. Not to mention that Labour big wigs like Lord West favours reducing ODA. So is Justine Greening pandering only to the right? What about voters? They don’t seem to fully favour such legislation or proportional spending either.

So why chase after 0.7% Mr. Lewis? (and Ms Greening and the Lib Dems?)


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