It’s not really such a great aid mystery

The latest edition of The Spectator carries an opinion piece by Jonathan Foreman entitled The Great Aid Mystery In a diatribe laced with rather tired tropes, and whose style undermines the argument he makes, Foreman’s main points when stripped of rhetoric can be summarised quite simply as:

  • The domestic politics of foreign aid are complex and at times seem rather contradictory
  • The UK’s growing aid budget is suported more by the elite than by the rest of the electorate
  • The size of the UK’s aid budget bears little relation to either the scale of the problem, or our proven ability to achieve successful, sustainable development progress; indeed, it is unclear that enough effective mechanisms exist to deliver the rapidly increasing aid budget successfully
  • The UK’s aid sector is dominated by white and middle class people
  • Some non-white people don’t support all of the claims being made for aid by aid’s…

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