Senior Tory accuses EU of “squandering” Britain’s aid budget.

The Truth is Where?

By Robert Mendick and Andrew Gilligan  29th September 2012.

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A senior Government minister has accused the European Union of squandering Britain’s international aid budget on schemes that often have nothing to do with alleviating world poverty.

Alan Duncan has accused the EU of
Alan Duncan has accused the EU of “squandering” Britain’s international aid budget. 
Photo: Justin Sutcliffe.
Alan Duncan, the minister of state for aid, said the Department for International Development (DfID) was “forced to give” British taxpayers’ money to the EU and was powerless over how it was spent.The charge will raise tensions within the Conservative party because it touches on two of the areas where the Tory Right is most concerned about David Cameron’s policies – foreign aid and Europe.

Brussels insists it does not “impose” its choice of aid projects on Britain but – in an escalation of hostilities – a senior Conservative separately accused the EU of lying…

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