Never ever use Wikpedia to find out about International Political Economy and International Development

Never ever use Wikpedia to find out about IPE and International Development. Never Ever. Whether you are a student (at any level), journalist (Wikipedia is not a reliable source for news!), researcher (you ought to be shot if you ever use Wikipedia for research!) or if you hold any position. It is not just unreliable; Wikipedia is dominated by obnoxious, stick-in-the mud people who give totally inaccurate information on issues and organisations like foreign aid, the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations Development Group, the International Development Association, to name a few.

Typical mistakes on Wikipedia:

International Political Economy article is NOT capitalised and some idiotic user keeps on preventing people from making it capitalised

International Development article lacks accuracy of debates.

International Development Association (IDA) and the other four agencies of the World Bank Group (WBG) is written in a pro-American stance using limited sources–mostly from the Bank’s website and nothing else. Horrible Wikipedia editor.

Just to name a few. There are many more.

I usually don’t write in caps but..



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