World Bank Open Knowledge Repository: Opening up IDA Replenishment Documents?

So the World Bank under soon-to-be-leaving Robert “Bob” Zoellick has been working in the name of transparency,
opening up its data via a supposedly user-friendly Open Knowledge Repository. The once secret, closed-door development knowledge, often neoliberal in nature, is now open to the public domain, free of charge (for most documents) for all to view. Opening data is great and the Center for Global Development (CGD) has praised it.

Yet as Nancy Birdsall remarked in the CGD blog post, more can be done. And for me, as an International Political Economy (IPE) Researcher, I would like to see the full range of IDA’s Deputies Final Reports from at least IDA 10 onwards or even IDA 1, if there was such a system. I would like to see all the background papers for each IDA replenishment round, from at least IDA 12 onwards, publicly available for free. And if possible, in the spirit of “super-duper” transparency, publish all the IDA replenishment negotiations minutes for all donors, especially the top five.

Pretty Please?


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