Links for thought 10

After a long long while, here are a list of links for thought:

UNDG Strategic Priorities for 2010-2012
A not-so-recent entry, the much less-mentioned United Nations Development Group (UNDG) lists its main priorities for the period of 2012. Interesting parts include maximising of United Nations Country Teams (UNCTs) impact, strengthening of the delivering of knowledge/know-how and results, to name a few.

Refounding Good Governance
In this article by Charles Kupchan (originally posted in the New York Times), the author argues against the prevailing idea (promoted time and time again by politicians) that globalisation benefits all. Quite obviously not. It can benefit people when the system is re-looked and re-structured. Doesn’t anyone want to listen to people like Joseph Stiglitz? A very good International Political Economy (IPE)-ish article.

Global governance behind closed doors: The IMF boardroom, the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility, and the intersection of material power and norm stabilisation in global politics
Another not-so recent article, My senior Liam Clegg has a fascinating journal article here on the IMF. Read it. IPE-related.

Is uncertainty the only certainty in 2012?
ODI‘s Alison Evans argues that 2012 will be a dark year. Mayan predictions aside (I definitely don’t believe the prophecy), Dr. Evans is right to highlight want needs to be addressed.

Opening Development Finance Data for Transparency and Increased Donor Collaboration
Aid Transparency was the key them harped upon again and again at the Busan High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness. USAID now has released its Development Credit Authority so as to enter the aid transparency world. Thoughts?

Rebeca Grynspan: Remarks at the Arab Regional Launch of the Human Development Report 2011
The Arab Spring certainly brought much attention to the social-economic-political sections of Arab nations last year. Now the United Arab Emirates (UAE) joins many other Arab nations in having a country-based Human Development Report (HDR). All wonderful, but will that imposed external standards on the UAE and the same mistake in development repeated again?

Financing for Development: Trends and Opportunities in a Changing Landscape
Another not-so-recent paper, this one from the World Bank’s Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships(CFP) Vice-Presidency, all about the financing of development, especially for the Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) which I’m interested in. Extremely useful.

Transparency in South-South Cooperation: Why Does it Matter?
AidData 2.0 is not just chucked full of almost all the aid projects in the world, but also has blog posts. Here, the article talks about a rising topic in developmental aid/Official Development Assistance: The rise of Southern powers.

Development policy as a policy for the future
A press release from last year. Germany’s Ministry for International Development, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development or auf Deutsch Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) celebrated its 50th Anniversary last year.


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