Re-post from GPM: Reaching 0.7%? Aid Effectiveness must not be ignored

Reaching 0.7% of GNI on aid? Aid Effectiveness must not be ignored

A new entry after a while. Anyway, here’s an article I finally wrote for my beloved Global Politics Magazine, which now has a new set of editors, contributors and leadership.

Once again, I focus on the nitty-gritty of the 0.7%/Gross National Income (who uses that?) spending for UK Official Development Assistance, which I’ve previously noted that all three parties have pledged to reach but Labour never managed to reach in 13 years of power and that Harriet Harman is so concern that the Tories will break their promise.

In the GPM article, I again trace and highlight the actual history of the 0.7% target set 41 years ago–by Jan Tinbergen, the Pearson Commission, United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2626 etc and how many countries have actually reached that target (my data may be wrong, so please notify me) and how relevant is it for the development agenda of the developing world today. You can read the whole article but my point is still the same: 0.7% is a worthy target, but insufficient in terms of growth for developing countries and you just can’t bang on about it without focusing on aid effectiveness.

Here’s my message to all ministers and shadow ministers involved in the “race” to reach 0.7. Andrew Mitchell, Alan Duncan, Stephen O’Brien, Harriet Harman, Mark Lazarowicz and Rushanara Ali. Also the stick-in-the-mud Labour Campaign for International Development.


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