Links for Thought 4

Liesel Pritzker Donates $4 Million to Opportunity International To Help Expand Microfinance Services in Africa Do you remember who played the President’s daughter in the movie Air Force One? Her stage name is Liesel Matthews but real one is Liesel Pritzker. Apparently she’s not only a multimillionaire in her 20s (due to her parents) but she active in the area of microfinance, having donated money to a NGO and co-founded a group to expand microfinance services. Yes, there are critics of microfinance like Ha-Joon Chang and Milford Bateman but as DFID pointed to me in an email some Africans are grateful for the service. How many boys/girls in their 20s or rich millionaires bother with international development?

Economic Crisis Sidelines Fate of the World’s Poorest (This link may expire; please find you own means to access the new article). Well, at teast this report comes from the NYT and not some American right-wring news site. Even so, there’s too much praise accorded to Rajiv Shah, who while having some success in dealing with Haiti, is still far off from transforming USAID.

China wants more jobs at IMF for emerging markets (This link too may expire soon). Well, the world’s next superpower is pushing for another call to democratise one of the Bretton Woods Institutions. This of course comes at the time of the “I want the Yuan/RMB to appreciate” call from the US. Of course, more developing country power in the IMF doesn’t mean there won’t be another financial crisis

Multilateral Resource Allocation: Best Practice Approaches My favourite development think tank has yet another thought provoking article out.

International Development Assistance for Climate Change adaptation in Africa:The Aid Scramble Assoc. Prof. Catherine Weaver, and IPE theorist and an MA student from the LBJ School of public affairs set out thoughts on the upcoming Cancun summmit.


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