Links for Thought 1

While I’m writing another post, this will be the first of such post that provides links (not food) for thought.

Africa ‘needs billions more aid’ says Blair commission Another give more aid argument, and not surprisingly from the Blair Commission. It’s not money alone that creates development.

In which Andrew Mwenda might be getting what he wants… sort of Aid Thoughts reviews the leaks from the Tory controlled DFID and how some anti aid Africans embrace the “cuts”.

Right now what does the UK public think about aid? And Why? Lawrence Haddad brings up an important research on the UK public’s perception of aid (giving).Certainly, with an economic downturn, government cuts including welfare benefits, the ring-fencing of aid will not be popular.

They Stole Our Coffee Owen Barder brings a personal encounter of how a local Ethiopian coffee branch believes that Starbucks stole their (the local chain) idea of coffee. This goes into the heart of the IPR conflict over how much developing countries’ firms can copy the designs of the goods from other countries (a la Ha-Joon Chang’s Kicking Away the ladder). Question is: How much? When should copyright rights not be copyrights?

Nicaragua: Extreme Poverty Falls – But Opposition Asks ‘How’? Global Policy Forum reposts an IPS article on the debate on poverty reduction in Nicaragua.

That’s it. Another entry will appear soon.


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